What are the strengths of being a surgical technician?

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What are the strengths of being a surgical technician?

Surgical technician job has  numerous opportunities and benefits, these benefits make one to be so much engrossed into the duty of ensuring that people are given the much needed help to renew their lives and be free from sicknesses. The relief they get and the social gratification they get are some of the benefits, the strengths of the job are:

The work is interesting –dealing with patient surgeries can be an interesting learning opportunity for the technician. The practice is coupled with very good and interesting openings for instance, the satisfaction of seeing patients heal from your effort can be one of the most gratifying. The bonding with the patients is one of the most interesting opportunities ever the technicians have.

Remuneration – the pay for surgical technicians in some areas are not so bad .This is in comparison to other fields. The surgical technician is in most cases having an opportunity for a salary raise and so the job is socially fulfilling.

Job market – the surgical technicians are some of the most sought after practitioners. This makes training as a surgical technician become so lucrative for starters. The current world is full of women who even prefer caesarian surgical deliveries which make them to further in demand.

Less training period – the training as a surgical technician is one of the shortest. This gives the practitioner the opportunity to enter the job market. While the other practicing fields take longer, the surgical technician has the opportunity to learn in the field. Practical training in most cases is preferred because they have a hand on opportunity to learn basics of the job.

Opportunity to improve – the surgical technician, despite the ever demanding job has an opportunity to advance. Most of the surgical operation takes place during the day. The surgical technician has the evening and can go for evening classes and so an opportunity to advance in further training and get a promotion.

It is therefore very clear that the surgical technician has some off the greatest and exciting opportunity to work with people. The mere act of helping others gives them a good standing in the society.



Playing a crucial role.

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The supporting backrest of a doctor is the nurses. The one who takes care of the patient from the moment he or she enters the hospital is the nurses. From performing at home medical services to joining the doctors and giving them a hand in the surgeries, nurses are very crucial to the medical industry. People who aspire to become nurses, often fall under these three categories :an assistant nurse, registered nurse and bachelor of nursing.

An assistant nurse is the one who solely deals with patients. Everything regarding to changing of their bed, maintaining personal hygiene, giving IV shots, feeding them and reporting of their changes to the doctor. These nurses are solely responsible for the patient under their hand during their stay at the hospital. The Nurse practitioner salary is relatively low when compared to its counterparts, as it does not involve major medical practices to be performed.

A registered nurse does almost the same job as that of an assistant nurse and much more. These are professional nurses with a degree in their hand, and usually act as the head nurse, supervising the jobs of the common nurses. Their scope of job can increase as per the qualifications taken further to enhance their job. Some assist the doctors in their assessment and take day to day notice of how and when the patient’s conditions are changing. The registered nurse salary also varies according to the complexity of their job. They are also called by various other names such as Licensed Registered Nurse or Hospital Registered Nurse.

A BSN, Bachelor of Science nurse again performs the same duties as that of a registered nurse. The only difference that lies between them is the educational qualifications. One has to study an extra year or two, to become a BSN, and those additional academic qualifications results in a greater bsn salary. The advantages of becoming a bsn is also that the nurses can set up their own business by attending to school or teaching nurse education in institutions and universities. They have a much larger scope of jobs than a registered nurse.

One can see that though the above listed nurses have almost the same job structure, but a more educated and a more professional hand makes a large difference.